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Case Study – Network & Infrastructure

The Client

A major subsidiary in the public sector with active involvement in oil and gas exploration and production; its activities spanning the entire spectrum of the upstream oil and gas business.

The Business Challenge

  • The client needed to monitor and protect its building against unwanted access.
  • The client required a facility to house the central data processing equipment which contained the servers and infrastructure required for all operations and processes in the organization.

The Solution

Our proposal included an IP surveillance system for the building and also a data centre solution.

The data centre served as a physical structure to house and protect the core infrastructure of the company against unauthorized access, fire and natural disasters.

The Outcome

  • A surveillance system that could record and play simultaneously which in turn improved physical security.
  • A data center to physically protect the data processing equipment, serving as the core of the organization.
  • Better management of the active devices in the organization.