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Case Study – Data Security

 The Client

An Asset Management Company as a stabilizing and re-vitalizing tool established to revive the financial system by efficiently resolving the non-performing loan assets of the banks in the Nigerian economy

The Business Challenge

  1. Prevent unauthorized access to restricted systems/devices within the network
  2. Ensure that users accessing the network are validly authenticated and audited
  3. Network Security Solution covering Firewall, IPS, Web, URL Filtering & Application control

The Solution

A Network Admission Control Solution was proposed to ensure that users were validly authenticated before being granted access to the network via wired, wireless and/or remote access.

Also, a Next Generation Firewall solution was proposed at the edge of the network to monitor both internal (Servers & Applications) & traffic going to the internet.

The Outcome

There is now in place an Improved Network Admission Control system which helps to monitor users accessing applications and services on the network and their activity is monitored based on the audit trail created.

Also, it helped to reduce the outbreak of virus, malware or APTs by compromised systems infecting the network.